About us

Founded in 2013, (X,Y,Z) is an architecture and design studio led by 3 partners: Daniel Camilleri, Janice Fiorentino & Daniel Micallef.


(X,Y,Z) is a multi-disciplinary team, offering a wide range of services thanks to the different areas of specializations of the team members. Together we offer the services required for a holistic design, tailor made for each client; starting from the overall architecture and spatial design, dealing with planning applications, followed by detailed structural drawings, and topped off with cutting-edge design for interiors including lighting design, and custom designed items. Using this approach, the clients visualize clearly the interiors of their spaces prior to the initial stages of construction or renovation.


(X,Y,Z) is working on a wide range of residential, office & commercial projects, some of which have already been featured in architectural & design magazines.